Application Field

The automotive industry usually monitors the cutting process of various parts of the car to meet the factory standards, and the online refractometer can be used for this kind of production process.

When food and beverage companies make solution products, they need to monitor the sugar content of the solution to meet production requirements. Inline refractometers can be used for process monitoring.

The battery manufacturing industry will use the diaphragm process in the production process, so the concentration of the diaphragm liquid (NMP) should be monitored. This process can use an online refractometer

In the field of biomedicine, when producing medicinal materials such as pharmaceuticals and capsules, it is necessary to monitor the concentration of the raw material (eg gelatin) solution, and the accuracy of concentration monitoring is extremely high.

The chemical industry is a huge industry, In practical applications, whether it is Which kind of solution medium, our professionalism is unquestionable, and we can discuss the possibility of implementing the solution according to the customer’s working conditions.

In the production process of the semiconductor industry, it is necessary to detect the concentration of the stripping solution, H2O2, and FH solution. Although the solution concentration monitoring is not a key process, it is an indispensable part.

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