In the field of automobile manufacturing, CNC cluster machining centers or single processing equipment are usually used, which are mainly used to process automotive parts.

CNC (Numerical Control Machine Tool) is the abbreviation of Computer numerical control machine tool, which is an automated machine tool controlled by a program.

CNC equipment operation will use cutting fluid on metalworking parts for cutting, grinding processing, the main use is cooling and lubrication tools, cutting fluid by a variety of super functional additives by scientific composite cooperation, while with good cooling performance, lubrication performance, rust resistance, degreasing cleaning function, anti-corrosion function, easy to dilute characteristics.


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IPRM - Cutting Fluid Concentration Control System

Our monitoring of cutting fluid concentration is not limited to the use of online refractometers, most automobile companies need not only monitoring functions when using CNC equipment to process parts, but also hope to have concentration monitoring, concentration control, liquid level control, automatic alarm and other functions.

It can be seen that these automobile processing companies hope that CNC machining centers can be more automated and intelligent. Therefore, our R&D department upgrades the IPRM series process refractometers according to demand, with real-time monitoring of cutting fluid concentration, automatic replenishment, automatic cleaning, monitoring of liquid level height, and automatic alarm.

  • Measurement item: Refractive Index (nD), Brix,temperature
  • Measuring range: 1.32000 – 1.39200 RI / 0.00 – 35 .00% Brix
  • Accuracy: ± 0.00018 RI / ± 0.1% Brix
  • Signal output: 4-20mA/ RS485
  • Installation method: pipeline installation or tank wall installation
  • Support customized products according to needs


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