CHUYI M&C participated in the Sensor Industry Promotion Association

  On May 29, Chuyi Measurement and Control was invited to participate in the Hunan Sensor Industry Promotion Conference, and actively responded to the call of the conference to promote the healthy development of the sensor industry and provide more scientific and powerful support for the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry.

  According to the requirements of the charter of the Hunan Sensor Industry Promotion Association, combined with the actual work of the Hunan Sensor Industry Promotion Association, combined with the requirements of the “14th Five-Year Plan” of Hunan Province, the “three highs and four new” strategies, and the five key tasks, in order to make the work of the Association in 2022 be carried out in an orderly manner, accelerate the construction of a first-class industrial ecology in our province and further enhance the cohesion and technological innovation of the sensor industry in Hunan Province.Break through the “stuck neck” technical problems, build a 100-billion-level industrial cluster of artificial intelligence and sensors in Hunan Province, and comprehensively promote the in-depth coordinated development of the industrial chain of artificial intelligence and sensors (including CNC machine tools) in Hunan Province. The expansion and strengthening of the sensor industry is an important part of building an advanced manufacturing highland and a highland of scientific and technological innovation with core competitiveness.

  Seize the development opportunity of the Internet of Things, vigorously promote the change of sensing technology from a single breakthrough to systematic collaborative innovation, improve the scientific and technological content and technological innovation ability of sensor products, and promote the sensor industry to become a new engine for the development of advanced manufacturing industry in Hunan Province.

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