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August 07 2023

Is it difficult to detect the black liquor?

In the papermaking industry, monitoring the concentration of black liquor is pivotal for effective control. The most reliable approach involves utilizing online concentration measurement instruments such as inline refractometer

June 07 2023

Challenges for inline refractometer

Monitoring the concentration of mixed solutions can indeed pose challenges for inline refractometers. These instruments are primarily designed for measuring single-component solutions with known refractive index values.

June 03 2023

Features and advantages of NIR spectrometer

Near-infrared spectroscopy is an instrument that uses the absorption, reflection or transmission properties of substances in the near-infrared region (800-2500nm) to analyze information such as their chemical composition, structure and properties.

May 19 2023
inline refractometer

Industries Using Inline Refractometer

An inline refractometer is a high-precision measuring instrument based on optical principles. It calculates the accurate concentration of solutes in a solution by measuring parameters such as the optical refractive index and temperature of the sample.

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