CHUYI showed the inline refractometer to customers

June 22 2022

  On June 20-22, ChuYi M&C with IPRM-G type inline refractive concentration analyzer was invited to many factory customers to carry out diversified communication, in the technical dialogue, Chu Yi measurement and control to factory friends introduced the composition and technical principle of inline refractometer, but also in the installation and debugging of communication, although Chu Yi inline refractometer is a high-precision instrument, but if the site conditions can not reach the normal operating environment of the machine, then the operation of the machine and the results of feedback are meaningless.


  This face-to-face communication also talked about the problem of free alkali produced in the production of hydrochloric acid and hyposodium, and Chuyi Measurement and Control is very concerned in this field, and there is currently no reliable solution or paper publication in the world for this problem. So far, this is a hurdle in front of modern industry, and only by studying it can we understand the mystery and solve each difficulty one by one.

  In the process of demonstrating the concentration of the prototype inline, the factory friend used the traditional titration method to measure the solution sample, while Chuyi measurement and control used the prototype to test the solution sample, and finally compared the values detected on both sides, and the error value was very small.

  Chuyi Measurement and Control had face-to-face communication with factory friends, from which he learned many things under different production environments and different production processes, which played a very positive role in the subsequent research and development of our products.

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