Measuring ethanol concentration with Inline refractometer

July 22 2022

  Is it feasible to measure ethanol concentration with an online refractometer?

  Ethanol, also known as alcohol, chemical formula C2H6O, refractive index 1.3614 is an organic raw material alcohol compound, soluble in water, methanol, ether and chloroform, can dissolve many organic compounds and a number of inorganic compounds. When it is liquid, it is colorless and transparent, flammable and volatile, with the smell of wine and pungent and spicy taste, and it is common in combustion and heating when it is solid.

  Ethanol has a wide range of uses, can be used as basic organic chemical raw materials, can also be used to manufacture organic solvents, acetic acid, beverages, flavors, alcohol and other food industries. It is important to note that different concentrations of ethanol contain different components, so they should not be mixed, for example, industrial ethanol contains methanol, if eaten will cause harm, if consumed in large quantities ethanol will cause damage to the central nervous system, but also cause abnormal liver function. At the same time, it is a highly flammable product, which should be kept away from the fire source during storage and transportation to keep the container sealed.

  The concentration of alcohol used in any environment is different, so how do we measure it?

  At present, it is more common to detect ethanol concentration by manual titration, optical detection and density. In industrial production, manual sampling was used in the past, and then taken to the laboratory for analysis, because ethanol is a volatile liquid, there will be some volatilization during sampling and transportation, resulting in deviations in the final detection value. Most of the factories that have been upgraded in modern industry use a more reliable concentration detection inline refractometer, which uses changes in solution refractive index, temperature and other indicators to convert the current detection concentration value to display on the surface of the instrument, and transmit to the DCS control system through RS485 signals. Because its properties are electronic devices and can be set up with a variety of control programs, the high-end concentration detection process refractometer not only detects accurate values, but also has relatively rich functions. The use of density method to detect ethanol concentration is also feasible from the application level, but the application range is not wide.

  Ethanol concentration inline refractometer and ethanol concentration detection density meter can decide whether to configure explosion-proof chamber to meet safety production standards according to the working conditions of the site.

  IPRM-G-ETW type ethanol concentration inline refractometer uses the principle of emission light source to detect the refractive index of the solution, the detection surface is a sapphire prism, the equipment integrates real-time detection, timely data transmission and return check, 2-3 seconds can produce the test results, not affected by solution turbulence and bubbles and other factors, for ethanol production process control to play a more efficient, more intelligent and safer role.

  Main parameters:
  Measuring range: 0.0 – 70.0% (density method: 0-100%)
  Resolution: 0.01%
  Measurement accuracy: ± 0.1% Temperature compensation: 5-40°C
  Input power: 24V DC protection level display part: IP65
  Process pressure: < 1 MPa Wetted material: 316L Optional Hastelloy C-276, 2205

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