Which type of ammonia explosion-proof refractometer is the best to use?

Regarding the selection of ammonia explosion-proof refractometer, it is necessary to choose according to actual needs. Here are some common types of ammonia explosion-proof refractometer:

ammonia explosion-proof refractometer
  1. Gas detector: It can detect the ammonia gas concentration in the air and is commonly used for ammonia gas leakage monitoring. It should be noted that gas detectors need to be calibrated and maintained regularly, otherwise errors may occur.
  2. Chemical reagents: It can detect the concentration of ammonia water through chemical reactions and is suitable for some special occasions. However, it should be noted that the detection results of chemical reagents are greatly affected by environmental factors, and the operation requirements are relatively high.
  3. Inline refractometers: Inline refractometers use optical technology to measure the refractive index of the solution, thereby obtaining the concentration value of ammonia water. Compared with gas detectors, the measurement results of online refractometers are more accurate and stable, and remote monitoring can be realized

Chuyi’s IPRM-G-NH3 inline refractometers are a reliable tool for measuring ammonia water concentration. The series of instruments use high-precision optical components and advanced signal processing technology to quickly and accurately measure the concentration of ammonia water. At the same time, the IPRM series of inline refractometers adopt a modular design, which has high reliability and easy maintenance.

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