inline refractometer: a tool for improving production efficiency

May 05 2023

  The inline refractometer is a widely used industrial automation detection device that can quickly and accurately measure the refractive index and concentration of liquids. It is widely used in the production processes of various industries such as chemical, food, pharmaceutical, beverage, and candy.
  Traditional manual testing methods require offline testing after sampling, which is cumbersome, has a long measurement cycle, and low data reliability. The inline refractometer can perform real-time and automatic measurement and directly transmit data to the production control system, which improves production efficiency and quality.
  In the chemical industry, the inline refractometer is usually used to measure the concentration of chemical reaction materials, monitor the solution concentration in the process, and control the reaction concentration in the reaction process. In the food and beverage industry, it is widely used to measure sugar content in products such as syrups, beverages, and juices to ensure product quality and consistency.
  In addition, the application of inline refractometer can also help companies save costs and reduce risks. By monitoring product concentration in real time, companies can control the amount of raw materials used, reduce waste and costs, and avoid quality problems caused by concentration fluctuations during the production process

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