Is it difficult to detect the black liquor?

August 07 2023

  Controlling the concentration of black liquor in the papermaking process presents significant challenges due to the complex nature of black liquor, which contains a variety of organic and inorganic substances. Precise instruments and intricate processes are required for accurate measurement and control.
  Proper handling of black liquor generated during the papermaking process is crucial. Black liquor, rich in organic compounds and inorganic salts, can lead to severe environmental pollution if directly discharged. Hence, it is commonly treated through recovery and recycling methods. Evaporation and incineration are employed to process black liquor, aiming to extract valuable chemicals and minimize environmental impact.
  In the papermaking industry, monitoring the concentration of black liquor is pivotal for effective control. The most reliable approach involves utilizing online concentration measurement instruments such as inline refractometer. These instruments provide real-time monitoring of black liquor concentration, allowing seamless integration with control systems for automated concentration management.

Inline refractometer for black liquor concentration
Inline refractometer for black liquor concentration

  The papermaking process for black liquor concentration control typically encompasses the following steps:
  1.Black Liquor Sampling: Representative black liquor samples are collected from key points in the paper production line using specialized sampling devices.
  2.Online Measurement: The collected black liquor samples are fed into online concentration measurement instruments to ensure real-time concentration tracking.
  3.Control System: Concentration data obtained from the measurement instruments is fed into the control system, enabling comparison and adjustment based on predetermined concentration ranges.
  4.Feedback Adjustment: In response to the control system feedback, appropriate alterations are made to the addition or treatment of black liquor to maintain concentration within the desired range.

Inline refractometer for black liquor concentration
Inline refractometer for black liquor concentration

  The complexities of black liquor composition, its significant concentration variations, and the requirement for high measurement precision contribute to the challenges in controlling black liquor concentration. Additionally, the papermaking production environment is often characterized by high temperatures, pressures, and humidity levels, demanding instrument stability and durability. Furthermore, accurate concentration control directly impacts product quality and production costs, necessitating a reliable and precise control strategy.

Inline refractometer for black liquor concentration
Inline refractometer for black liquor concentration

  A detailed and reliable approach for controlling black liquor concentration in the papermaking industry involves the following steps:
  1.Selection of Appropriate Online Measurement Instruments: Depending on the nature of the black liquor and process requirements, choose suitable Inline refractometer or density meters. Ensure these instruments exhibit high precision, stability, and durability.
  2.Thoughtful Placement of Sampling Points: Strategically position black liquor sampling points along the paper production line to ensure representative and accurate sampling.
  3.Installation of Online Measurement Instruments: Install the selected online concentration measurement instruments at suitable locations, ensuring optimal contact with black liquor flow and stable operation.
  4.Parameter Setting: Configure control system parameters based on product quality standards and production processes. Define target concentration ranges and control precision.
  5.Real-time Monitoring and Adjustment: Monitor black liquor concentration using online measurement instruments and transmit data to the control system. Make necessary adjustments in response to system feedback to maintain desired concentration levels.
  6.Regular Maintenance and Calibration: Perform routine maintenance and calibration of concentration measurement instruments to ensure accurate measurements and proper instrument functioning.
  7.Data Recording and Analysis: Record and analyze concentration control process data to understand concentration trends and control effectiveness. Optimize control strategies accordingly.
  8.Adopting a rational and reliable cleaning approach: The difficulty in monitoring and controlling the concentration of black liquor in papermaking is quite significant. When we opt for the online concentration measurement refractometer solution for black liquor in papermaking, the focus should be on the instrument’s cleaning solution. We recommend implementing a “steam cleaning solution,” and although this approach is relatively intricate, it has a positive impact on enhancing the level of production processes.

  Implementing this comprehensive black liquor concentration control strategy enables stable concentration management, leading to improved product quality, reduced production costs, and positive environmental impact.

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