Inline refractometer for process monitoring and control

March 20 2023

Technological progress not only affects people’s living habits, but also affects the production process in the field of industrialization. Modern technological progress affects all aspects of human activities.

Many factories will consider controlling costs and completing production more efficiently during production. If there is only a standardized process established, but no measures are taken at the root of the production line, then cost control, increased production efficiency, and reduced defective rate will be meaningless.

The topic we are going to discuss this time is very simple, that is, the inline detection and process control of solution concentration that are common in the chemical industry and food processing fields.

IPRM-inline concentration meter is an instrument that uses the principle of refraction method to detect the concentration of solutions
Standard detection accuracy ±0.1%, refractive index ±0.0014RI; resolution 0.01%, refractive index 0.00001RI
The detection surface material is matched according to the solution type
It can be measured continuously and is not affected by impurities and air bubbles in the material
Usually installed in the bypass of the pipeline, which is convenient for cleaning and maintenance
IPRM-inline concentration meter can transmit data to terminal platforms such as PLC\DCS\PC through RS485 signal or analog model with current 4-20mA
This inline concentration meter is small in size, easy to use, excellent in detection performance, high in control performance, and comes with alarm and cleaning components
It can also be upgraded to explosion-proof standards according to production requirements

The above is the basic function of the IPRM-inline concentration meter. Since this kind of inline concentration meter needs to achieve real-time detection and precise control functions, precise calculations cannot be avoided. The main function of the instrument during operation is the optical detection component.

The LED light source emits light directly to one side of the prism, and the light is shifted when it touches the liquid. The other side of the prism receives the shifted light and reflects it to the CCD array. The refraction can be calculated by calculating the light data refracted by the CCD array. The ratio (RI), plus the relationship between the temperature of the sample solution and the concentration value, and the temperature compensation value is calculated, then the solution concentration value can be obtained.

Nowadays, many factories around the world have adopted “inline process refractometer” to upgrade their production lines, improve production efficiency, and reduce the defective rate. The sign is also in line with the macro environment for industry development.

The IPRM-inline concentration meter has been calibrated before leaving the factory, and it can be used after installation and power on. If you have any doubts about the performance of the inline concentration meter, then we can support mailing the sample solution to us, and simulate the production environment according to the proposed working conditions. Concentration value detection and process control. Our goal is to provide a reliable, high-quality, low-cost, easy-to-install and maintain inline process control concentration meter for industrial production needs, and we have always maintained a high degree of professionalism in this field.


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